Darkfurrs occur all over the world but they can be hard to spot. To help you in this here are a few of them. Of course the best place to find Darkfurrs is the DARKFURR Mailing list.
If you want to be listed with the Darkfurrs you have but to mail me.

Species: CatDragon / wolf (FelisDraconis)
Decription: Is genrally a GOTH!!!! but although very freindly is genrall rather shy and lonly. Is ecentric and extreemly gentle in nature.
Skills:playing guitar , good with paws .(..take that however you wish...) arts n crafts typs stuf like to to do drawing but often dosent have the motivation to do so..
Interests: Anything yiffy, funny,freindly or Si Fi loves playing video games and anything high fantasy including lrpg events .and likes most music esp marilyn manson
Website: http://geocities.com/animalal_uk42/

Species: Tiger (panthera tigris sapiens)
Location: Leicester (found mainly annoying the Lexgoff crowd)
Fur: Orange, grey or white depending on mood and environment.
Personality: Cute, fluffy and friendly. Not a great conversationalist and can be shy.
Music: Metal, Industrial, Goth
Clothing: Battle dress, Gothic, Leather (and fake fur!)
Hobbies: LRP, war gaming, military history, Sci-Fi, real ale, clubbing, being fussed.
Skills: Jack of all trades, master of none (i.e. not good at anything!)

Species = Cat (Feline Somethingus)
Description = A writer who takes the art that is short stories to the limitof the word short. Prehaps the bravery to leave the stories so is why they work since he dosn't get bogged down in pointless padding and just puts the facts.

Species = Wolf (Celticus Lupus Sapiens)
Description = Writter, apprentice magician
Known aliases = Keltienn, Alexander Wladyslas Mroz, Semontana, Wlad 'Tepes', Franck Roger, Lance Crowley
Occupation = Archdruid of Brocéliande, since he's the last to be able to perform True Magick... Barely...
Mortal Occupation = Semi-scenarist, semi-poet... Does Student also count?
Appearant Age = 21
Favourite RPGs = Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Obviously...), Nephilim, Changeling: The Dreaming.
Current activities = Trying to learn HTML ($£¤%µ*!!!), writing stuff (fanfics, poetry, scenarii), preparing a PBEM (Playing By E-Mail).
Quote = "Et par colonnes portées sur tant et tant d'heures/ Nous descendrons tous à la Cité de la Peur."

Species = Gargoyle Feline
Description = A grey feline/gargoyle morph, with the wings of a bat, tail and ears of a cat, and demon-like horns. She has maroon hair that flows past her shoulders, and is often found in the nude. An artist and a poet, who loves the Gothic and Wiccan cultures. She plays Furcadia as a feline and a phoenix.

Species = Feline humanoid (Felis silvestris humanus)
Location = London UK
Description = A black short-haird domestic feline, stuck in a human body (re-incarnation can have a twisted sense of humour at times!). Loves to curl up and sleep in warm places, especially after a nice meal. Purrs, groals, scratches and bites, but never on demand! The human is a Goff and we are often seen with 'Eye of Ra' make-up on our left eye and sporting tails and ears, while bouncing around on the dance floor of clubs across the UK, tail a swishing. We have a growing selection of disguises including 'true cat' collars, various medieval and Viking outfits, though the latter have yet to be adapted for tails...
Favorite Quote = "We'll murder them all amid laughter and merriment, except for those we take home to experiment."
Web Site = http://www.geocities.com/felisshumanus

Species = Anthro german shepherd rubber pup (Cainus bouncius bouncius)
Description = Cute perky gothpup with a serious dark streak for the bizarre, found dancing in rock/goth & BDSM clubs around the midlands mainly. Innocent and pretty on the outside and nice and chewy... erm... dark on the inside. >:)
Skills = Using his twisted imagination to create bizarre, pervy and sometimes silly images using his pooter.
Hobbies = Snuggling, wearing very tight and shiny clothes, dancing, singing, playing guitar, and creating kinky artwork.
Web Site = http://www.rubberpup.co.uk/

Species = Wolf (Lupus)
Description = A large Wolf with burning eyes of ruby red like the very fires of hell. Across his wild exserior curve lines of pure darkness, there meaning known only to him. This is as wild as southend gets.
Work In Progress = Goth Wolf's Lair

Species = Housecat
Location = Southampton
Personality = Camp, posh and very friendly, as long "as you dont p'ss me off"
Musical Tastes = Classical, Themed Goth
Clothing = Black and red velvit
Hobbies = Live Action Rolepaly, Chese, Wine, DING! {Ding?}

Image not avaliable (yet)THE HYAENA:
Species = Spotted Hyaena (homo crocuta)
Description = She's a Mad, manic artist, highly prone to fits of giggling, with a laugh that scares small children. A Shamanic hyaena, just setting out on the spiritual pathways, far from my soul's true home. Deeply sensitive, aggressive when provoked but usually okay. Don't be fooled by my "normal" daytime appearance - She is the Hyaena, a powerful, fast, and persistant hunter, much maligned and misunderstood by the homo ignorami of the western world. For a living she paint's bouncy castles For fun she is looking in to makeing a range of latex Furry Masks.

Ia KatIa Kat:
Species = Black lion. (Leo Nocturnus)
Description = Ia'kat is a perky gothy cyberpunky black lion which is of course mythical except on pub signs. He can be found lurking around goth clubs and cybercafes in London being odd. In VR he tends to inhabit FurryMUCK, uk.people.gothic newsgroup and occasionaly Snowplains, Surfers, or SPR.
On occasion he has been known to morph into a rather suave gothic tiger through the aid of magic paint, and can be found in this form sneaking up on unwary mopey-goths in Slimelight.
Skills = Social engineering through application of alcahol and avante garde clothing, making things work that shouldnt.
Hobbies = anything that everyone else isn't doing at the time. Nuzzling, sleeping, eating.

Species = Feline/Vulpine (Confused)
Description = Sparkly, Strokey, Shiny! *BOUNCE* Must be immortal, otherwise logic dictates she'd be dead by now. Claims she can't draw or dance well and occasionally sulk. Usually bouncy, mainly nocturnal (barring evil day-job). Reacts well to being stroked...

Species = Leopard (lil lady leppidus)
Description = Female, spiky, bouncy, gothy and pert. Long red hair, fur is a golden colour with dark rosetted spots, a white tummy, white under chin, white paw-tips. white tip to tail. Her wings are big, clearly visible on both sides, from a little above her head to the back of her knees - dragon-like. (pointy tips). They are golden coloured on the front, and golden with spots on the back. The inevitable spiked dog (cat?) collar is around her neck.
Skills = bouncing around being overly cat-like, nuzzling and purrimg at peeps, whilst wearing low-cut revealing tops and generally being pert and seductive-like
Hobbies = drinking, hugs, music (black metal, industrial), plushies, porn, sleeping.
Live Journal = http://www.livejournal.com/~kytheraen

Species = Necros Polimorpherous
Description = A Haccan follower with totemic allusions. A mewling kitten toa raging dragon in just two cups of coffee, with various cats and bats and wolves (Oh My) in between
Skills = "Any more strings to my bow and I'd be a harp."
Allegences = Team Gothic

Species = Magpie (Adorus Glitteri)
Description = A hopeless exhibitionist, he can almost always be found wearing a lot of silver jewellry coupled with the standard black clothes of a Goth. Magpie runs his own Goth shop in Derbyshire, it's called Mystique Alternative Clothing.

Species = Jellicle Goth. (Felix Vanitus)
Location = London
Description =
A feline vission in red, white and black.
Long tail, long coat, big boots, big hat.
A tiger prowling in the dark.
The roar You heard while in Hyde Park.
Skills = Musical in many ways but not normaly involving brass or woodwind.
Websites = State of Anchovy and this site.
Furbid Page = Here
Livejournal Name = Hiddenpaw

Species = Dark Fox (Vulpus Shadius)
Description = night crawler is a soul that belongs to the night he has a tendancy to be annoying if drunk but once you get to know im e's not to bad, usualy wears black and carries a short sword in belt

Species = White Plains Chyrithian (Elimenti Morphius)
Description = 6 to 12 and a half foot depending on her mood and form coveredin Medium leangth white fur with curling, black tiger stripes along spine,tail, fore and hind legs. Each ear is tipped in black with a single curl facing twords each of her large emerald eyes. Long black claws and canies and a body which is that of a werewolf or tiger with Raptorish hind legs(Three "fingers" and a thumb). A prestigous amount of peircings are arangedon Push's face, Two under each eye, up to five in each eyebrow, up to 10+ in each ear
In her human form Push is a Slender, Extremely average looking girl. Blond,tan and brown curly hair runing down to her lower back framing her Very large and thickly lashed emerald eyes. She wears Large baggy kikwear pantsand either ragged cut-off and saftey-pinned shirts or large band shirts, a Leopard print velvet trench coat or a burgundy low-hooded coat and the "boots of fury". Around her knek are 4 necklaces(white letter on black building block necklace inscribed "Push"). 1 chocked covered in bells and holding an onyx amulet in the middle. and to really top it off Elbow-highblack gloves with fingers cut off (leather).
Hobbies = Art, running about like a maniac, eating chocolates in graveyard sand making friends with the tombstones (I am determined to find a littleboy's grave to put flowers at), hanging out in the "Pit", sitting and climbing in trees.
Skills= Art feind, majik(fairies, translation from astral to art, findingspells and symbols for others)
Current Projects = comix "Agony Cometh" and "Parish of the Lost", a type of elfwood/yerf owned by me and my buddies Rei and Eve called "Parish of the Lost"

Species = Otter Sex = Androgynous in the most feminine of ways
Description = Even though it does wear it's cat ears, whiskers, and tail every day, pussinboots' furry avatar is actually an otter named Baggy. Pussinboots loves all sorts of music, it's polyamorous, androgynous, queer, a writer, a front & back end web developer, an artist, and a pirate enthusiast. It describes it's self as a 'real gothic anime cat-thing.' Right now it's working on a comic of James Barrie's "Peter Pan," and two novels, one sci-fi, one fantasy. It has four cats, a sarcastic best friend/roommate, and a multi-talented boyfriend named Seamus. Check out It's page or It's livejournal for more info.
Favorite Quote = "I like pain." - Rebecca, Tank Girl
Galleries: Livejournal name = pussinboots

Species = Human (Homo Sapien)
Desciption = Female with long slightly curly hair, glasses and a smile with traditional american teeth. She is also one of the best furry artist on the web today. The level of detail in herwork is outstanding and almost always with a deep spiritual nature that is arare suprise in modden furry art. She also has a strong line in more conventional fantacy and nature art.
Skills = Visual arts in many mediums
Work In Progress = Becky'sWildlife and Fantacy Art

Species = Haemophage rabbit (Lapine Nockturnus)
Titles = None that she'd admit to.
Description = A digitigrade white rabbit with various piercings who changes her costume frequently enough that 'gothic' is about the only word that can sum it up. She prefers very ornate costuming in general, allowing her to display over the top flamboyance. Silverblue can be found on FurryMUCK, and resides in Melbourne, Australia where there is a healthy (is that the correct word?) goth scene.
Skills = Dancing, drawing, writing and cleaning out her bank account.
Work Currently On Line =

Species = Unicorn/Bat HalfBreed (Ukimori)
Description = A glam bat too perky for her own good. Wild forest Unicorn and Flying Fox halfbreed . Wears far too much faux fur, (There's never to much faux fur -M) vinyl, and floofy feathers And for her namesake, you'll never catch her withouth wearing some form of deep violet. She loves dancing and bouncing around giving hugs to anyone who wont stab her for doing it. If she isn't dancing, she is induldging in art, music(electro, ebm, dark wave, industrial and a little 80's) and anything she finds pretty. She also induldges in lots of coffee flavored ice cream, candy floss (smells like it too) and an endless list of sweets.
Skills = Drawing and eating sweets faster than a cheetah on speed.
Hobbies = Art, Dancing, Pouncing, Eating, Sleeping, Complaining, Making friends bring up thier lunch with disgusting stories :)
Projects = A religiously blasphemous online visual project called 'The Shadow of God'© and an ever expanding magic furry realm known as Parallel-Nine.
Websites =:Parallel-9-
Distiguising Traits = Glam and glitter. Fluffy faux fur and floofy feathers. Violet and black. A black and silver rabbit named Luna as a mate and an adorable fluffy spider bag named Itzy

Species = Feline Description = Don't be fooled by the name. He is a feline. He is sometimes a writer, sometimes an artist, and sometimes a wannabe keyboardist (though he doesn't know how to play). He remains quiet most of the time, but is always there.
Web Site = http://www24.brinkster.com/ravynheart

Species = Gray squirrel(Nuttus notredus)
Description = Vexen is a bouncy dancing gothic squirrel who particularily likes Slimelight, Music, Theology, Philosophy and Computers (In other words his a goth). He tends to be quiet on the net, but maintains a HUGE home page.
Work In Progress = His "HUGE" web site.

Species = Racoon (Godus knowsus)
Description = A Gun toating cyber racoon with the total belife he isindestructerble. That said rumer has it that he has a week point involvinglow fences, poor lighting conditions and high speed.