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Welcome to My personal little area of the site. I am Marcony creator of this little data eddifice. I was born in the mid 70's in Basildon Essex (UK) But escaped in the Late 80's to the Green countryside of Suffolk. Eventualy I finished my schooling and a year later found myself living in London and meeting the strangest people.

These days I have returned to the depths of the english countryside where I am working as a freelance artist, fasion designer and manufactuerand and retailer, gardener and goth (and occational paper boy man). I also write the cult weekly webcomic State of Anchovy. Odd life ain't it.

Much of my art is avaliable as prints from the State of Anchovy Print Shop. My Clothing is avaliable from State of Anchovy Clothing. I am also known to take comissions for details of this please Email Me.

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